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Keeping Your SoCal Home Air Quality Clean During Coronavirus

By: First Choice Air on March 18, 2020
Working from home, children at home full-time.. It's critical to keep the air quality in your home clean and healthy for you and your family. What are the steps you can take to ensure your home's air quality is at optimal levels?

How to Choose the Best HVAC Company

By: First Choice Air on February 15, 2020
In a metropolitan region as large as Los Angeles and Ventura County, there are a lot of commercial and residential HVAC companies. So, how do you choose the best HVAC company for your needs?

Los Angeles - SFV Best Heating & AC Company Here for You in 2020

By: First Choice Air on January 18, 2020
It's a New Year, and top-rated Los Angeles Heating & Cooling Company, First Choice Air is here for all of your HVAC needs in 2020.

Why Lennox HVAC Systems Are the Best Choice for Your Heating and Air Conditioning Needs in Southern California

By: First Choice Air on December 15, 2019
Homeowners have relied upon Lennox for their heating and cooling needs for more than 100 years, and for plenty of good reasons. As an established brand, with a reputation for excellence, countless Southern Californians trust the Lennox name, when it comes time to replace their home's HVAC system.

Do I Need a Fall Furnace Tune Up?

By: First Choice Air on November 10, 2019
It's the perfect time to prepare for the winter, by ensuring that your heating/furnace (HVAC) system is functioning properly and ready to keep you warm this winter. Here are the steps...

Central Heat Not Working but AC Is? 5 DIY Fixes to Try Before Calling for Service

By: First Choice Air on October 20, 2019
Many of us have been there. The temperature has dropped in Southern California, and it's time to activate your central heat. But when you turn on your thermostat, you hear... nothing. Much like that sense of turning the key in your car and hearing nothing but a click, you are likely to find the lack of central heat to be a frustrating inconvenience.

Is Damaged Ductwork to Blame for Your AC's Poor Performance?

By: First Choice Air on August 1, 2019
What to Do If Your Home's Air Conditioner Isn't Cooling

7 Tips for Saving Money on Air Conditioning Bills This Summer

By: First Choice Air on July 10, 2019
Beat the Heat, Without Breaking the Bank by Saving Money on AC Bills in SoCal

Five Signs It May Be Time for a New Air Conditioner for Your Southern California Home

By: First Choice Air on June 20, 2019
If you see any of these warning signs, pay attention. They may indicate that it is time for a new air conditioning system as the summer heat hits in Los Angeles.

Your First Choice for Lennox HVAC Sales, Installation and Service is First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning

By: First Choice Air on May 28, 2019
There's a reason that the Lennox brand is a globally renowned company. They know what consumers expect when it comes to their home's heating, cooling, and overall comfortability systems.

Creative Solution to a Serious Heating Problem in Los Angeles

By: First Choice Air on April 25, 2019
First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning Out-of-the-Box Thinking Saves the Day in LA

Ten Common Problems For Home Heating Systems

By: First Choice Air on March 4, 2019
It's cold cold weather in Southern California and our home heating and HVAC systems are being worked hard. If your heat is not working, you need answers, and fast help if you're not able to fix it yourself.

Keeping Your Cool While Using your Home Heating System in Los Angeles: 5 Easy Ways to Cut Heating and Energy Costs this Winter

By: First Choice Air on December 28, 2018
Compared to the harsh winters of the East Coast, Southern California has it easy; however, we still need to run our heaters and the rising cost during the winter months is very real. As a great first step, some utilities companies in greater Los Angeles offer programs that can lighten the financial load if their customers apply for them and can qualify. In addition, wherever possible, replacing old windows, light bulbs and appliances with more energy-efficient versions is a long-term money saver, easy in normally sunny and warm Los Angeles County.

Most Home Warranty Protection Plans Aren't Worth the Money - Los Angeles & Valley Area Home Buyers Beware!

By: First Choice Air on October 15, 2018
It says a lot about an industry when companies offering a particular service are ranked the most complained about type of companies on Angie's List for an entire decade. In this case, we're talking about home warranty companies. (Such as: American Home Shield, Choice Home Warranty, First American Home Warranty, etc.).

5 Signs It is Time for a New Furnace

By: First Choice Air on October 2, 2018
With temperatures starting to drop and rain in the forecast, many of us in Southern California will be turning on the heat in our homes. Although some hiccups with your furnace or heating system can be easily remedied by the top-rated heating repair technicians at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning, there are a few tell-tale signs that you need to replace your furnace in your home.

Home AC Not Blowing Cold Air? 3 Things to Check Yourself

By: First Choice Air on August 15, 2018
With scorching temperatures in Southern California, here's what to do if your air conditioner is turned on, but it's not blowing cold air.

Central Air Conditioning Not Working?

By: First Choice Air on June 20, 2018
Fast & Affordable AC Repair & Service in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Three things you can check yourself before calling...

Preparing for the SoCal Summer Heat: Service, Repair, or Replace Your Old Air Conditioning System

By: First Choice Air on June 10, 2018
It won't be long until SoCal is scorching, which is why now is the right time to service, repair or replace your air conditioning system. Here's a look at four reasons to service your air conditioning system in Ventura and Los Angeles now.

Looking for a New Air Conditioner? Reasons To Consider A Local, Independent Company

By: First Choice Air on June 5, 2018
If you're like most people, you can probably think of a whole list of things you'd rather spend money on than a new air conditioner. So it is easy to see why you'd spend time shopping, comparing prices, waiting for sales, and hoping to snag the best deal possible. At First Choice Air, we feel the same. We also know that sometimes national retailers (particularly home improvement stores) promote sales of new air conditioning systems which sound great at first. However, don't be fooled by a seemingly low sales price, because there is more than meets the eye.

Need The Best, Most Reliable Air Conditioning - Heating Repair Company in Southern California?

By: First Choice Air on March 23, 2018
The local Southern California HVAC Experts at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning are here to help if you are having problems with your Heating or AC System. Don't take chances...

The Calm Before The Storm: First Choice Air's Common Fixes for Furnace Problems (Before The Cold Sets In)

By: First Choice Air on December 2, 2017
If you have a conventional gas furnace, like many Southern Californians do, you know what it looks like. It's a big box-like looking appliance which is responsible for taking in cold air from inside your home, cleaning the air, heating the air and then blowing the cleaned, warm air back into your home. Your furnace may or may not have a humidifier attached to it.

What is the Best Air Conditioning System for My Home?

By: First Choice Air on August 24, 2017
When you need to replace or install a new air conditioning system in your home in Los Angeles, you probably want to know: what is the best air conditioning system for my home?

A Furnace Tune-up in Southern California: Do I Really Need One?

By: First Choice Air on December 4, 2016
With the weather turning colder here in Southern California, Furnace-Heating manufacturers recommend an annual inspection or "tune-up" by a professional licensed HVAC contractor such as First Choice Heating & Air. What should I expect?

HVAC Manufacturer of the Month Spotlight: Lennox

By: First Choice Air on November 18, 2015
As Los Angeles' leading HVAC service, installation, and new systems sales company, First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to service, sell and install the best of the best in commercial and home heating and cooling systems throughout Southern California.

Air Cleaners: How They Help Keep Your Allergies at Bay, and Ensure You Stay Healthy This Winter

By: First Choice Air on October 2, 2015
We live in Los Angeles for many reasons; great air quality isn't one of them. Toxins in the air can cause a multitude of medical problems including allergies and other respiratory ailments. Although controlling the air outside might be difficult, controlling the air in our homes is rather simple. Specifically for Southern California air, we can recommend two main categories of air cleaners: Ultraviolet Treatment Systems and Electronic Air Cleaners.

Is Your Air Conditioner Ready to Handle Another Heatwave in Los Angeles?

By: First Choice Air on August 22, 2015
According to the Los Angeles Almanac, September is the second hottest month in greater Los Angeles, second only to August. After the recent heat wave we have experienced in Southern California, it's safe to assume we can expect more scorching temperatures in the coming weeks.

Spring Has Sprung: But in Los Angeles, It Already Feels Like Summer

By: First Choice Air on March 17, 2015
With the recent heat wave in Los Angeles, it's hard to believe it's barely Spring. If this winter has been any indication of what we have in store for us this summer, we're clearly going to be in for some scorching temperatures.

Do I Need an Air Cleaner for My Home?

By: First Choice Air on November 20, 2014
At First Choice Air in Los Angeles, we are proud to provide more than just heating and air conditioning products and services for your home. We're also here to help you to feel comfortable that the air in your home (which your family breathes day after day) is as clean and safe as possible. While there is no reason to panic if you don't have an air cleaner for your home, we would like to give you some reasons why investing in a product, such as a UV Treatment System or an Electronic Air Cleaner from Honeywell may be worth its weight in gold for you and your family.

All About Temperature Zoning Systems in Southern California

By: First Choice Air on November 4, 2014
If you're like many people in greater Southern California, your home may routinely have one room that is warmer or cooler than the rest of the home. Or, you may prefer to feel warmer in living spaces than you do in sleeping spaces. If you find yourself amongst the countless Southern Californians who wished they had more control over the temperature in various areas of your home, you've definitely come to the right place. At First Choice Air Conditioning & Hearting, we are happy to help you determine which type of temperature zoning system is best for you.

Tips For Changing Your Air Conditioner's Filters Before The Warm Weather Hits

By: First Choice Air on May 5, 2014
Your air conditioning system is in for a lot of work as the weather gets warmer in Southern California. Failing to change the filter for your air conditioner can lead to slower filtering, less effective filtering, increased growth of bacteria, and reduced efficiency. In short, dirty filters make your system work harder, which it doesn't need when it is especially warm outside. For some air conditioning systems you may only need to change the filter once every few months, but a better rule of thumb is to change it every 1-2 months. This is particularly true if you have pets, live in a polluted area, suffer from allergies, live in a windy area, live in a wildfire area or near a farm/ranch, or have more than one person living in your home.

Why Should I Have My Air Conditioner Serviced Every Year Even If It Is Working Fine?

By: First Choice Air on May 2, 2014
Think of all of the things that you have serviced on a regular basis. Your car needs oil changes, and a wash every now and then right? Your oven needs to be cleaned from time to time. Your windows need to be cleaned, your house has to be washed, and your clothes need to go to the dry cleaning. You never question the need for these types of service, yet many people still don't realize how important it is to maintain your air conditioner and heating system with an annual service each year.

Saving Money While Doing Your Part For The Environment By Upgrading Your Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

By: First Choice Air on April 24, 2014
It is getting to that time of year again when temperatures in Southern California are about to soar. Unfortunately, that may mean that your utility bills will climb substantially as well. Before the first big heat wave hits, you might want to consider whether or not the existing air conditioning system in your home or office is up to the challenge of cooling your space properly and efficiently.

Air Conditioner & Furnace News - Thank you for visiting First Choice Air's NEW Heating & Air Blog

By: First Choice Air on December 16, 2013
This is our first entry, and we are excited to share our thoughts about air conditioners and furnaces each month.