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Five Signs It May Be Time for a New Air Conditioner for Your Southern California Home

By: First Choice Air on June 20, 2019

If you see any of these warning signs, pay attention. They may indicate that it is time for a new air conditioning system as the summer heat hits in Los Angeles.
  1. Five Signs It May Be Time for a New Air ConditionerYour Old Air Conditioning System is Not Working
    This may seem pretty obvious, but if a newer model air conditioner isn't working, it may merely need servicing. However, if your air conditioner is more than 10 years old, and it stops working, it is time to replace it. The energy savings you'll realize from a new air conditioner for your Los Angeles area home will make the investment in the unit more than worth it.
  2. The Air it is Blowing is Warm, or Stale
    The primary function of an air conditioner is to blow cold air. If it is blowing lukewarm air, or air that feels stale, it could mean a number of things are happening. It is possible that the evaporator coils are frozen. But it could also mean that the air conditioner has run out of life so to speak, and it needs to be replaced. When you contact our licensed, trained, professional technicians at First Choice Air, we will happily arrange for a service call, and let you know whether it will be more cost efficient to fix your current air conditioner, or if it's just time for a new one. For air conditioners that are more than 10 years old, it generally makes more sense to buy a new unit.
  3. The Air Conditioner is Making Loud or Odd Noises
    The running of an air conditioner may be a familiar sound in your home. But if the sound should change, and become noticeably louder or it is generating an altogether different noise, it's time to have a professional look at the unit. In some cases a high pitched squeal may be nothing more than a belt needing to be replaced. A rattle may indicate that a part of the unit is loose. First Choice Air provides service calls throughout Los Angeles and Ventura County, and is available to help you determine if you need a repair, or need a new air conditioner.
  4. The Air Conditioner Smells Weird
    An odd smell coming from your air conditioner isn't necessarily a reason to panic, but it's generally not a good sign, either. The smell could be from bacteria, mold or mildew that has accumulated due to a problem with draining. The smell could also be coming from inside your home's duct system, so those may need to be cleaned. Or, it could mean that the air conditioner is on its last legs, and it is time to begin shopping for a new air conditioner from a local, trusted A/C dealer.
  5. There Are Big Swings In Temperature
    The temperature of the air being distributed throughout your home should be consistent, unless you have thermostats which allow for different temperatures in different areas of the home. If the unit appears to be blowing some cold air and some warm air, it may mean that you simply need to have your thermostat recalibrated. The thermostat may also need to be replaced. In other cases, it may be time for a new air conditioner.
First Choice Air provides 24 hour emergency air conditioning system service. We understand that you may need emergency air conditioning service on a hot summer night. Rest assured, our skilled and certified technicians service all major brands. If you have decided to purchase a new air conditioning unit for your Southern California home, contact us today at (800) 991-9247 for free quotes on new air conditioning systems, and to learn about installation costs from award winning, EPA Certified First Choice Air, serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties