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Central Heat Not Working but AC Is? 5 DIY Fixes to Try Before Calling for Service

By: First Choice Air on October 20, 2019

Many of us have been there. The temperature has dropped in Los Angeles, and it's time to activate your central heat. But when you turn on your thermostat, you hear… nothing.  Much like that sense of turning the key in your car and hearing nothing but a click, you are likely to find the lack of central heat to be a frustrating inconvenience.

But before you decide to call for central heat or furnace repair in Southern California, take some time to first see if any of these DIY fixes will resolve the issue. If not, then call the experts at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning at 800-991-9247 for fast help.
  1. Confirm Your Thermostat is Powered and Properly Working
    A simple tripped fuse, or a dead battery could be to blame. Before calling for HVAC repair in Los Angeles, check the circuit breaker, to confirm proper function of the switch. If it has flipped/switched, just put it back to the on position, and then go try turning on your heat again. If your thermostat is battery powered, try replacing the battery.
  2. Turn the Furnace Power Switch Off and On
    Much like computers occasionally need a hard reboot, the ignition in your furnace may need a reboot from time to time. Try turning the furnace off, then back on, to see if that fixes the problem.
  3. Make Sure the Safety Switch on the Furnace Door is Activated
    As a safety measure, furnaces have a safety switch which deactivates the furnace if an access panel is not in place. This is to ensure that the fan and burner don't turn on when the access panel is missing.
  4. Check Your Filters
    When dust and dirt collect on the filters, it restricts airflow. If these filters become too dirty and clogged, it can cause the heat exchanger in your furnace to overheat and shut off. If your furnace isn't working, try changing your filter.
  5. Clear Away Debris from Intake/Exhaust Vents and Heat Pumps
    If your furnace vents outside, be sure that the intake/exhaust vents are free of any debris, such as leaves, dirt, mud, grass.

Items to Check If Your Furnace Is Working, But Not Heating Your Home Evenly

If you find that you turn on your central heat in Los Angeles, and it heats some rooms, but not others, there are also a few items to check which may fix the problem.
  1. Make Sure All Vents Are Open
    Sometimes, the problem is nothing more than a closed vent, which may accidentally be shut while you're dusting, painting, cleaning, or rearranging furniture in a room. Children may also shut the vents. Before you call for furnace repair in Los Angeles, make sure all vents are open.
  2. Make Sure All Registers Are Free from Blockage
    Piled laundry, toys, books, or other items in front of a register can block the hot air making some rooms feel colder than others. Make sure that there is nothing blocking any of the registers to ensure balanced heating throughout rooms.
  3. Remember that Upstairs Rooms Will Naturally Get Warmer
    Heat rises, so rooms on lower levels will likely be a bit colder than rooms on upper levels. If you only have one thermostat, it will best regulate the temperature of the room it is in. So, if the thermostat is on the main level, your upstairs may feel warmer than the lower level.
  4. Make Sure That All Windows Are Closed Tightly
    An open window in a bathroom or a kitchen for ventilation can cause uneven temperatures throughout the house. Make sure all windows are tightly sealed for the best chance at maintaining consistent temperatures throughout the house.
If your furnace still won't turn on or heat your home properly after checking all of these items, it's time to call in a top Los Angeles furnace repair company. First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning is a top-rated HVAC service, repair and installation company serving Los Angeles. As a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, we are a locally owned and operated HVAC company serving all of greater Los Angeles, including the San Fernando Valley.

First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning is an EPA Certified Business, with years of experience. We also offer emergency services.

Contact us today at 800-991-9247 to schedule a furnace service or repair.