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Central Air Conditioning Not Working?

By: First Choice Air on June 20, 2018

Many of us have been there. After a long day at work, and then in traffic in Los Angeles, you just want to come home to a nice cool house and relax. But each summer many of us will return home to find your central air condition is not working. While a broken air conditioner in Los Angeles can be a nuisance; one call to First Choice Air can provide you with fast and affordable AC Service in Los Angeles and throughout the San Fernando Valley.

But, before you call a SoCal AC service company, there are three things you should do, to see if you can fix your home’s air conditioning system yourself. Here’s three things to check on your AC unit, if it stops working.
  1. Your Air Conditioning Air Filter is Clogged
    If your central air conditioning is not working, check to see if your filter is clogged. A clogged air conditioning filter will often lead to frozen evaporator coils, which in turn leads to decreased cooling functionality. Your air conditioning filter only works properly if air is able to freely flow through it. You’ll often be able to tell it’s clogged by looking for dirt on the fan blades or checking for accumulated dust and dirt.

    If a clogged air filter is bogging down your air conditioning system in Los Angeles, you may simply need to buy a new filter, which isn’t very expensive. As an added bonus, you’ll likely save money on your utility bills this summer as replacing an old filter will typically increase efficiency by up to 15%.

  2. Your Central Air Conditioning Registers Are Not Open All the Way
    This may seem obvious, but before you make a call to a Los Angeles air conditioning service company, confirm that all of the registers are wide open. This is especially true when you turn on the central air conditioning in your Los Angeles home for the first time after a period of not using it.

    Check all rooms in your home to confirm that each register is open, and that nothing is blocking it, so that the cool air may properly circulate. If you’ve confirmed that all registers are open, and the central air conditioning is not working, it’s time to contact the licensed and certified technicians at First Choice Air in Los Angeles. We are proud to provide fast and affordable AC service in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

  3. You Need to Reset the Unit
    Your air conditioning system likely has a reset button, much like your garbage disposal has a reset button. From time to a disturbance in the electrical current in your home may cause your central air conditioning unit to malfunction. On especially hot days in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, it is possible that your air conditioning unit may overheat. Try pushing the reset button, located in the compressor access panel to see if that gets the unit going again. If not, call First Choice Air, LA’s top-rated AC repair and service company—serving all of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley with fast and affordable AC service, repairs, and new unit sales.
As a top reviewed air conditioning service, repair, installation and new unit sales company in Los Angeles, First Choice Air is locally owned and operated. Our incredibly high standards of service, knowledge, and expertise have earned us our reputation at the best HVAC company in Los Angeles. We serve all of greater LA, and the entire San Fernando Valley.

First Choice Air is a Dave Lennox Premier Dealer, a designation our Los Angeles HVAC company has earned as the result of our experience, commitment and dedication to exceeding customer expectations, and our expertise in Lennox products. We are also proud to be an EPA Certified Business.

If your central air conditioning is not working, call First Choice Air in Los Angeles at 800-991-9247 for fast, affordable AC Service in LA and the San Fernando Valley.